Friday, 28 March 2014

Duromine - Why?

My names Kayte...I currently weigh 103.9kg and I am considered obese. In the past 4 months through healthy eating and exercise I have managed to lose around 16kg. This whole journey is to lose the weight and get healthy so that my husband and I are able to have kids. We have been trying to conceive for around 5 years now and I continue to have first term miscarriages. While we have undertaken some testing, the doctors want to discount my weight as an issue for my health problems BEFORE we go ahead with any treatments so, here I am. On a recent consultation with my doctor he suggested that I full a prescription for Duromine to help me along my road. Now I have been on this before, maybe on 3 separate occasions, with varied success. I mean, I always lose weight. I think the key when using this drug is using it as a tool rather than relying on it solely for results. So I’m already on an eating and exercise plan. I eat around 1200 calories a day and I work out for at least an hour. As I’ve been in this routine already for 3-4 months, it theoretically should be easier for me to sustain the results when my script finished. I just wanted to write down my journey and share it. I see so many posts on so many forums of people asking questions and no one ever seems to answer them, so hopefully through my journey, you may be able to pull something from it...hopefully!

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