Saturday, 29 March 2014

Day 1

I woke up well rested and took the first tablet with my breakfast at 6.30am and headed to work just like any normal day. As its slow release I didn’t really feel any different until around 8.30am with my heart rate jumping up slightly and my mouth getting a little dry. I took a mouthful of water and popped in some chewing gum to keep producing saliva (I swear to GOD this works!) This was a tip I learnt when on the drug previously, it also stopped me grinding my teeth or locking my jaw which was a weird side effect of the medication. I found myself uncharacteristically alert through training in the morning. I found myself really unsettled at lunch time so I went for a walk around to try and expel some energy. I wasn’t hungry but I forced myself to eat half a sandwich and drank another 600ml of water, taking my total so far to nearly 2L. I finished my work day, still very alert and then headed to a few appointments, one of which was a 1 hour remedial massage. I felt a bit scattered in that appointment and found that I was having trouble stringing sentences together. When it finished I got up and looked in the mirror and noticed that my eyes were fairly dilated. When I got home I didn’t eat a lot of my dinner either. I had a lot of trouble sleeping, eventually passing out around 11.30pm

In my experience the first few days take a bit to settle in, getting used to the sense of ‘awakeness’ that it gives you. I feel that the symptoms I get are very much like a low dose of amphetamines (which is basically what it is) but in saying that, this time around I didn’t feel nearly as scattered as I usually do. So, hopefully I can go the full month this time. Fingers crossed!

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